During our initial conversation, an advocate will ask what type of health problems or concerns that you have. Based on your needs, the advocate will offer to you, information on various resources in your area, (whether it be a house call physician, podiatrist, etc).  If you are in need of any of these services, with your consent, your information will be forwarded to the company that will provide you with the services that you need.  

If you are in need of home health care services, such as skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, a home health aid or a medical social worker, we will contact your primary care physician with your consent, to see if you qualify.

Listed below are a sample of the types of services that each provider can offer to a patient:

Visiting Physicians: For homebound patients that are unable to see a family physician in the office, visiting physicians can bring the office to your home. They provide an array of services such as the following:

Diagnostic testing, Wound Care, Blood Draws & Laboratory Services, Vaccinations, Dementia Assessments, X-Rays, EKGs, Laboratory Testing, Skin Biopsies & Ultrasounds.  As well as prescription management.

Home Health Care Services  (Which require a referral from your physician)

Skilled Nursing Services: Post Operative Care, Diabetic Care, Congestive Heart Failure Management, IV Therapy, Wound Care, Medication Teaching and Management

Physical Therapy: Restoring Muscle Strength and Joint Movement, Anodyne Therapy, Solaris Therapy

Occupational Therapy: Restoring Independence in Self-Care

Speech Therapy: Swallowing Problems, Management in Cognitive Difficulties

Medical Social Worker: ‚ÄčAssists with Community Resources such as:  Meals On Wheels, Utility shut off notices, Living Will and DNR paperwork, Caregiver evaluation, Relocation assessments, as well as many other areas of assistance.

Home Health Aide: Assists patients in personal care and grooming.

**Most insurance companies cover the cost of these services.  During the initial conversation an advocate will ask you what type of insurance you have.  This information helps to evaluate that these services would be covered if your physician feels that you have a need for them.


Information collected from you is for the sole purpose of assisting you with the services that  you may need.  Your information is never sold. Collecting your information does not guarantee services.  Quality Senior Care Marketing, Inc will never bill you for any services provided.


Quality Senior Care Marketing, Inc.